Have you ever focused on a goal of yours, wondering how to get there, as fast as possible?

I have to admit, that to me over the last three maybe four years I became rather extremely rational. My focus is so sharp but my emotions lack so much. Possibly, because my heart doesn’t want to experience any more set backs.

So when ever there’s a new project, that I can’t roll alone, I ask professionals :” is this possible?” That’s all I want to know.

Delightfully no one told me that tearing down my kitchen wall or installing new wires was impossible-yet.

But…. It isn’t easy

But… it’s not cheap

But… it might look better if..

I hear that a lot. I do like to think that God blessed me with strength and stubbornness. Oh I’m so stubborn!! A blessing in disguise..

So, I watch and I observe others. That’s how I learn how to build a kitchen draw, how to sand the shelves and how to deal with plywood walls.. and German hard sturdy non breakable walls haha

Anyways, why am I posting this today?

You see the picture in this post, that’s my youngest son about six or seven years ago back in our hometown Yelm, WA. To him this hill was gigantic! It was a hot day too and the rocks kept falling back at him.

He tried a few times but then finally made it to the top!

That’s the feeling I’m after.

While I’m here, breathing, living and protecting my kids, their dreams- I also want the possibilities to follow mine.

The hill in this picture, is my high of possibilities. Each door that God opens up for me, swoops me over, lifts me up or pulls me through.

My list of dreams and prayers are GIGANTIC… I’m okay with a fraction that we will reach 💕

Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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