My Son, His lost sheep

Beautiful child of mine, What is troubling you? Your eyes are filled with fear and anger, Don´t you know that no matter what, I will carry you like the biggest ships anchor? I will give you my Love and protection, Walk with you through the storm, Even if I experience your rejection Sweet child of... Continue Reading →


Possibilities Have you ever focused on a goal of yours, wondering how to get there, as fast as possible? I have to admit, that to me over the last three maybe four years I became rather extremely rational. My focus is so sharp but my emotions lack so much. Possibly, because my heart doesn’t want... Continue Reading →

Stay A Little Longer

Stay a little longer, Don´t leave just yet, Smile a little more, So i can see you happy when i walk through that door, Let´s play a little more of your favorite board games, It will give us joy to build these memories, To store ´em deep in our hearts, Depart from reality we will... Continue Reading →


In the swing of tonight thoughts, I wanted to share this: Dreams:Is a place where imagination grows.Prayers:Where confidence gets planted ! Everything starts in a place in our heart . Some of us visualize it in our heads without and before even knowing the meaning of it..


I remember, A gift from God, Holding both of us, Before we knew. I remember, This treasure, Absolutely perfect, I can see that now I remember, Like my very own song, Written with unforgettable lyrics, And we're here to keep this melody -Alisha ©2021 Alisha Liker

Let Go

How many times have you let go of things that you desired so much? It isn't an easy task. We know, that our longings, our desires and dreams have meaning and value to Him. He wants us to be happy. We can ask for anything, as long as He is in the center. As long... Continue Reading →


If you never start, you will never understand, If you keep changing your mind, Your thoughts will never become, If you fall asleep, There will be no fruit, There will be no use.. -Alis Matthew 13:22  The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Basics

Congratulations. You finished your book. Now it's' time to pick a cover. Some have ideas, others don't. As a writer and 14 years of experience in Photography it might be a bit easier for me to how I will achieve a book cover but not necessarily which one will be best for my own book... Continue Reading →

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