Sometimes its easier to draw than to photograph

Sometimes its easier to draw than to photograph

I envy painters that express all their emotions and feelings, grief or happiness and so on in just a few strokes. Well maybe a few and some. Usually when i photograph i put all this planning, emotions and energy in a series and hope to come as close as possible to whatever i was ”feeling” or whatever my client had been through.
Though sometimes something gets me so deeply that even i need to illustrate and see right away what is on my mind. Sometimes a piece of paper and a brush or something will put me right into the wave filled with adrenalin. Its with every stroke, i release a bit of pressure or even receive assurance of peace.

Kind of hard to explain.

One day i just scribble something and put it away for months. Or even years just like this piece above.
I write down words but they don’t match my heart.

Today i looked at this picture a little closer. At the first glance it looks a bit sad. Though I am not feeling sad. I feel peaceful.
A few weeks ago i found myself on a constant roller-coaster trying to make everyone happy. Family, caring for my mom, best at work, attend church
It was very confusing and i was constantly worrying about something or someone…

I kept my prayers.

This morning when i looked at this drawing again, i realized the tree going sideways just like trees do in a storm or strong wind. Two people under the tree, caring for each other. That’s when it hit me and the bible verse came to mind > STILL Psalms 62:5

No matter how strong the wind. Sometimes we don’t even realize it until it has passed or clamed down.

Not sure if i drew Jesus and me, or simply 2 people. That’s for you to decide.

Facts are, i am guilty of not realizing the storm i was in. I am thankful He never leaves my side and neither will i leave Him.

Maybe this drawing will help someone out there, so i posted it.

Off we walk into 2022….


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