Stay A Little Longer

Stay a little longer,

Don´t leave just yet,

Smile a little more,

So i can see you happy when i walk through that door,

Let´s play a little more of your favorite board games,

It will give us joy to build these memories,

To store ´em deep in our hearts,

Depart from reality we will be for a while,

Clinging and holding on each and every mile,

Of Love and Memory anyways..

Stay a litte more,

Don´t leave just yet,

So i can sit and hold your hand,

Comb your hair and hear you laugh.

Stay a litte more,

So i can hear your loving voice when you ask about my day,

Daily I pray,

Though it´s still not enough,

Incredibly thankful to still have you here,

It´s a feeling I have,

That the time is near.

Stay a little longer,

I know you´re exhausted,

Don´t leave just yet,

You know´,

Just in case i´m forgetting something,

Just in case it wasn´t enough,

Just in case i missed the moment,

Just in case i don´t remember


Stay a little longer?

I know,

It´s all in God´s hand,

Though you ARE a Godly gift to have you as my mother,

Perfectly timed for us all to be together,

And tonight when i give you this letter,

I hope all our hearts will feel a tiny bit better ❤

Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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